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Okanagan Prefab Corp


Okanagan Prefab Corp. is a company that specializes in prefabricated wall panels, floor sections and deck systems in wood frame and steel stud for residential or commercial projects.

In today's industry time is money, and using Okanagan Prefab Corp for your next project is a smart decision.

In today's urban world construction sites are getting smaller and smaller, making logistics very difficult. Our company is able to prefabricate your project off site for low cost and ship it to you as needed. By shipping your project to you at a scheduled time, it is easy to implement exact dates for on site scheduling. P. Lewis Construction is associated very closely with OPC so we are also able to supply framing subcontract crews if needed to complete your project on schedule.

Our clean, organized yard helps decrease a massive amount of waste that would have to be disposed of on site otherwise. The large amount of waste produced by framing on site is overwhelming. The urban city construction sites are extremely difficult to maneuver a disposal truck in and out of, and that is why prefabricated buildings are the way of the future. The other large contributing factor to your on-site logistics is deliveries of raw materials. By constructing on-site, you are required to create a large percent of your site to storage of raw materials. The idea behind Okanagan Prefab Corp. is that we store the raw materials, construct the product, inventory the final product, and then ship this to your site, itemized as needed. This creates a very efficient jobsite for you in terms of cleanliness and on-site logistics.

Our company is fueled by 20 years of experience in the industry. Okanagan Prefab Corp was founded by Peter Lewis of P. Lewis Construction, who has close to 20 years under his toolbelt in the construction industry. Working closely with prefabricated wall panel his whole life enabled him to innovate some ideas for the industry that ultimately brings the customer a lower price for a great product.

No matter if you are either selecting us to supply the constructed building components for your next project or contracting us for the actual build as well, you will be both happy with the customer service and product and impressed with how quickly your project can be built using this innovative way of the future.

Peter Lewis, Founder, CEO


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